Natural Remedy of CBD Oil For Arthritis Pain Management

CBD Oil For Arthritis Pain Management

This article is elaborated with complete info of Hemp including what is CBD oil, Side effects of CBD oil, How to use CBD Oil, and summary that is a home of Cannabinoid, comes from sativa cannabis plant, a variety of hemp. The property of Cannabinoid can be used to give relive from arthritis pain, sleep disorder, Alzheimer, and anxiety and depression and many more.


CBD stands for cannabidiol, derived from sativa cannabis plant (industrial hemp), via CO2 extractions method, is an active compound, has up to 0.3% of THC that cannot get you high but might make you feel drowsy. Many controversies are associated with cannabis plant which is used to produce euphoric high, and is known as recreational drug. But CBD is not treated as recreational drug as THC.

Can CBD oil cure Arthritis?

Arthritis is common health disease which is faced by people globally, becomes leading cause of disability in the United States. Arthritis is known in two types- Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Arthritis. Both type of arthritis can be treated with CBD Oil. No clinical studies related to CBD have reportedly been conducted in humans so far as stated by Food and Drug Administration. All the studies which have been conducted are based on animal and its results which have been published are adequate to believe in its potential.

Does CBD give relief in Arthritis?

As far as clinical studies are concerned in reference to human, all the statements anecdotally presented, although, animal studies come with outstanding results, and it has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Trusted source reportedly found that a mouth spray which is cannabis based called Sativex produces effective arthritis treatment for humans. In order to get better result, a mouth spray needs to have content of CBD and THC for arthritis pain. The feedback of its consumers seems to be satisfactory for treating arthritis pain; therefore, more and more people show their inclination towards it globally so that they can be cured with their arthritis pain.

How to use CBD for Arthritis?

CBD can be used in many ways like topically, ingestion, and sublingual as well. But the utilities of CBD Products depends upon diseases, in reference to arthritis pain, the arthritis patients can adopt all provided modes which works but before start using CBD, they must consult with their doctor in order to avoid any negative side effects. Thus, they can get the maximum benefits of it.

How much CBD should I use?

With the view to using CBD, no guideline has been published by the arthritis foundation so far. But a few of the following precautions for adults are recommended by experts which can help its patients in using CBD.

  • For arthritis pain, Pure CBD Oil can be applied topically that seems to be an ideal way. Also, before start applying, the patients must do patch test in order to avoid facing any sorts of skin complications like red marks, irritation, feeling itchiness, and many more.
  • For using CBD orally, the amount of CBD will be a few milligrams, and keep observing the improvement in your disease, if you don’t find, you can increase the quantity of dose and observe over several weeks finding relief, continue taking dose two times in a day.
  • Although, do not find any sorts of relief, adding CBD to THC in minimal amount to get better result. Before reaching to this decision, you must consult with your Doctor at first; the dose with THC must be taken before going to bed so that you can improve your sleep as well.
  • In case of having any unwanted side effects, inform DR. immediately.

Side Effects

CBD is one of the most tolerated compounds, and no side effects have been noticed so far unless it is added with other ingredients. Once in a while, a few minor side effects are noticed and some are given below:

  • It causes drowsiness and fatigue.
  • Reduction in appetite.
  • It may cause dry mouth and diarrhea.

CBD comes with magical ingredients which can alleviate arthritis pain. By seeing the result of the CBD, the huge surge in demand of CBD has been noticed globally. Thus, this compound turned out to be an ideal for this disease.